Does my business need to process credit cards to get a business loan?

No. Credit card processing is not required for our business loans.

Which businesses qualify for a business loan?

Most businesses could qualify for a business loan, provided they have been under the same ownership for at least three months and meet other general qualifications. There are specific industries that will not qualify to receive a business loan, including (but not limited to) borrowers in the adult entertainment, real estate, mortgage or collections industries.

How much can my business get with a business loan?

A qualified business could receive up to $500,000.

How long does the approval process take?

We can typically get offers in a few business hours and fund in one day.

Will credit history be reviewed?

Yes. As with any loan, the credit history will be reviewed as part of the qualification process. It is important to note however, that unlike traditional loans, a damaged credit history does not automatically disqualify a business.

Can I get a start-up loan?

No. Business loans are for businesses that have been operating under the same ownership for a minimum of three months.

What can I use the money for?

You decide how to spend the money—whatever is best for your business. Previous customers have used this money for renovations/remodeling, marketing and advertising plans, paying taxes, buying additional inventory, handling payroll, expansion and other business needs as they arise.

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